Renate Huf was born in Koethen/Anhalt, Eastern Germany in 1949. Her family fled to the West in 1953 just before the closing of the “Iron Curtain”. Her formative years were spent in Braunschweig (Brunswick) where she began drawing, painting and crafts at an early age.

All through her life there were sporadic outbursts of artistic pursuits. However, there was never sufficient time with a full-time job, a business and a family. A life threatening illness in 2004 and subsequent recovery was the trigger to review her life and finally integrate painting as a necessary part of it.

Renate blends different techniques to arrive at her distinct style to express the genius loci in her art. It is a condensed, minimalist response to the memory of life and all its layers. A way of portraying the essence, colour and vitality of a place…her interpretation. Her pictures draw from a wide spectrum of impressions. Australian landscapes, Architecture or the simple joy of a garden or the ripples of the sea.